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I conduct fun, interactive online painting lessons & workshops for both beginners and intermediate artists.

A few reviews from students:

"I’m so glad I did this workshop with Riddhi, for someone like me a beginner this was perfect and has inspired me to practise. Explaining colour theory basics and mixing of colours was great, I really appreciate the extra knowledge. Thank you Riddhi for this amazing and informative session." - Megha

"An excellent teacher! This workshop was one of the best experiences I have had. I was an absolute newbie who hadn't even held a canvas, brush and a palette knife in my life. I was very anxious about how I would manage to make an elaborate landscape when I could only doodle stick figures. Riddhi is such an amazing teacher! She made sure I was comfortable and most importantly, enjoying myself. She taught me that is ok to mess up and enjoy making art because that is there main purpose. I was shocked to see my own painting at the end it was so good! I highly recommend her workshop." - Manisha

"I attended acrylic painting workshop conducted by Riddhi. It was well taught though online. Riddhi is a sweet heart who teaches you painting with the same passion she has towards her work. I really loved the way she organized everything from sending all that you need to start the craft. It was lovely to have attended the workshop Riddhi. Keep up the good work and good luck :)" - Mukesh

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