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10 Ways to create art on a budget!

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Acrylic Painting called "New Shoes" - 12"x12" - Original available in my shop

How to save money while making art?

Sometimes, especially at the start of our art careers, we don't necessarily want to spend more money on creating art than we're bringing in by selling it.

Here are some tips to create beautiful work on a budget.

  1. Paint over canvases. Use gesso over an old painting to get a clean canvas for practice.

  2. Buy artist grade paints, but only three primary colours and white. Not only will it save you money, but it’ll teach you colour mixing.

  3. Use plastic lids of takeout boxes as palettes.

  4. Take care of your supplies. Always ALWAYS clean your brushes after you’re done painting. It’ll save so many brushes! Clean your palettes. Keep you paint tubes closed and your pencils so they don’t break.

  5. Use free apps like Snapseed as photo editor instead of buying Photoshop.

  6. Use your phone camera to take reference pictures and pictures of your art. You don’t need a DSLR right at the beginning (or maybe ever!)

  7. Buy art supplies online even if it’s more fun to visit an art store. They’re almost always cheaper online, and you will only buy what you actually need.

  8. Rearrange your drawers, cabinets, closets. There are great chance of finding old and forgotten art supplies. Maybe a sketchbook, some coloured pencils, old gouache?

  9. Let your loved ones know what you want for Christmas or your birthday. Tell them you’d rather have the full set of Luminance pencils instead of the necklace you know they were about to buy for you.

  10. Splurge once in a while. You deserve it. :)

The painting above is called "New Shoes" - It's an acrylic painting on canvas, and is available to buy in my store here.

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