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12 Tips to get out of a Creative Block

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

It’s a time when ideas run dry, your inspiration well is empty, it’s a period of self doubt. Creating nothing really appeals to you. It’s horrible. And it makes you moody and irritable. Here are some things that have helped me, and maybe they'll help you too:

  1. Look through your old art. It will show you that you did it before, and that you can do it again. And it also makes you think, "God, I'm awesome!"

  2. Read comments and compliments on your old art on social media. This might seem a little self indulgent, but it helps!

  3. Switch mediums. I’m lucky to like so many different mediums. When I’m bored of acrylics, I switch to coloured pencils. When I’m sick of the super slow nature of coloured pencils, I do a quick watercolour! When I’m bored of colour, I do graphite portraits. Switch it up, and do it all.

  4. Clean your space. De clutter and organise.

  5. Copy one of your old paintings, or one of your favourite artist’s paintings. Don’t put it up anywhere, keep it for yourself. It’ll help open you up for creating again.

  6. Visit an art store. Don’t buy anything if you don’t need to. Just go spend some time in the vicinity of paints and pencils and canvases (YUM!)

  7. Make a list of everything you need to get done. Art related or not. It'll free up your brain to think about more creative things.

  8. Listen to an art podcast. When you hear people talking about art, you’ll feel like making art. (Let me know if you need recommendations on art podcasts. I listen to a bunch of them!)

  9. Pick up your favourite book. Maybe reading Harry Potter for the 50th time will give you an idea for a painting!

  10. Read an art blog, an art magazine or an art book.

  11. Write about art. It could be a blog, it could be an article. It could just be short descriptions of your old art.

  12. Go out. Go take a walk. Go be social. Forget about art and relieve that pressure off of yourself.

Let me know if you guys have any other ways in which you get out of an art block :)

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