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2018 Art Rewind!

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

2018 has without a doubt been the most artsy year of my life. I've never painted this much before, neither have I experimented with as many different techniques and mediums as I did this year. I wanna look back at some of my favourite paintings and drawings that I did from each month of 2018, and give you a little back story on each of them. So let's get started!


I started the year slow, setting up my new home studio, and only making little drawings, trying out coloured pencils for the first time and loving it! This pair of lips was one of my favourites that I did using the Faber Castell Polychromos pencils. I later on went on to buy the entire set of Luminance pencils and just fell in love with them!


I went through a pretty decent watercolour phase early this year, following YouTube tutorials and painting a bunch of paintings. It was fun and rewarding, but I realised that watercolour will never be my first choice of mediums, even though I think it is one that looks the most beautiful.


In March, I bought the set of Caran D Ache Luminance pencils, and gosh, I was obsessed with them. (Still am!) They were so good to draw skin tones with, and even though they felt a little scratchy on the paper, it just turned out I was using the wrong paper. With the right paper, and the right solvents, they look nothing less than an oil painting, but I'm yet to create something that beautiful with these amazing pencils.


In April, I returned to watercolours, and made this set of animal paintings, which were so free and fresh, and completely unlike my style. Incidentally, a lot of people told me these were brilliant for a kid's nursery, and I ended up selling prints of these. If you want, you can check them out here. The originals are still hanging in my studio, but I'm gonna hold onto those because I'm quite fond of them.


In May, I ventured on to paint the largest painting I'd ever attempted. It's not large by any gallery standards, it was just large for me. My love for London city, and everything black and white brought me this idea, and I painted this on a 20"x24" canvas board with Acrylic paints. While I understand this has some major perspective issues, I'm still proud of it, and I've put this up in my living room, till I find something better to replace it!


By June, I was addicted to acrylic paints, and was loving painting large. I zoned into my favourite greens and blues, and painted a bunch of acrylic paintings, this one being my favourite. This is 18"x24", acrylic on canvas board.