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How I find time to make Art - 5 tips of making time for art

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

This is a question I get asked a lot, since I have a regular full time job, and I do art on the side. The key to being able to pursue what you want to do is just being organized. (Organizing, making lists and scheduling are also some of my most favourite hobbies, so that helps :D)

How I stay organized and my tips for anyone trying to pursue their creative dream while being super busy:

1. Passion is Key!

You can’t really do what you want unless you REALLY want it. I used to be a voracious reader. I own too many books that I haven’t read. Over the years, I’ve kinda lost my passion to read. So to say that I don’t read because I don’t have the time to read would be unfair and untrue. I don’t read because I don’t want to read. There’s something else I’d much rather be doing. Bottom line is, you can’t expect yourself to find time to create if you’re not really passionate about it. So get real, and know yourself first!

2. You only need 7 minutes.

Okay, say you’ve figured out you’re passionate about drawing or painting or singing or playing the piano. Another block that I see people have is that they think they need to set aside hours to do it. No! You only need 7 minutes a day. 7 minutes a day, for 21 days. And then it becomes a habit. Just get a sketchbook and draw anything for 7 minutes every day. That’s all you need to do. When you have the time, go beyond the 7 minutes. When you don’t, just stick to 7 minutes.

My studio is one of my favourite places!

3. Have a creative space.

One thing I noticed is that I paint way more now that I have a studio than I did when I used to paint in a corner of my bedroom. You don't need a whole room, but try and dedicate some space where your creative brain switches on, which is comfortable and everything you would need to create is at an arm’s distance. I have made sure that mine has plenty of desk space, my tripod, stands for both my laptop and my iPad, a good Bluetooth sound system, enough charging points, and a comfy chair. It also has my hairdryer and my daylight lamp permanently connected. I have my printer in there, my bookshelves and all of my supplies, and still have plenty of space for my easel and to walk around! It has a lot of natural light during the day which was my no. 1 requirement. I’ve surrounded myself with everything I love, which is why I love spending time over there and create.

4. Consume creative content:

There are plenty of inspiring videos and podcasts that you can check out to get creatively inspired. I spend my time on the road usually listening to art podcasts, because I just love talking about (and hearing people talk about) – art supplies, creating and selling art! I love watching videos of people use new tools and supplies. (which leads to me buying them for myself). Again, this is not something you can do without having a true passion for it. It will feel forced and tiring. I do it because it genuinely excites me! By consuming all this content, I’m almost always fired up and ready to paint. I never have to spend time getting into the mood, or getting things set up.

5. Create on the go:

I have a bunch of small sketchbooks, and one of them is always in my bag wherever I go. A sketchbook, a pencil, and maybe a small set of watercolour paints with a water brush, if I’m in a plane or on a trip. It doesn’t matter what I make in the sketchbook, as long as I do something. I also write down ideas and thoughts in my notebook or the notes app of my phone whenever something strikes me. Keeping these little habits helps me consolidate thoughts and be more organised and clear in my mind when I return to my studio.

Hope these tips helped you! Do let me know how you find time to create in the comments below. Have a lovely day! :)

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