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I broke my foot - That's how I started 2023

Updated: Apr 19

Art Letter #4

This is the 5th Edition of Art Letters, a weekly letter I write to my Art friends about the joys and challenges of my creative life. To read previous editions, click here!

Hey friend!

How has the first month of 2023 treated you? It’s been a funny one for me.

This year, I decided to really take journaling seriously. I got a beautiful planner, and started planning my every week. I even got a word of the year - WELLNESS. Which includes Physical, Emotional and Creative wellness. While the first week went according to plan, it’s ironical that in the second week of the year I named the year of wellness, I broke my ankle.

Yup! What a start 😀

So what do you do when you break your ankle at the start of the year where you decided to walk 10k+ steps 5 times a week? You re-caliberate!

So while the “physical” wellness part of it might have gone through a bit of a setback, there’s no reason for me to stop the rest of my plan. Specially the creative wellness part.

I’ll get into more about what I mean by creative wellness in the next one, but for now I’ll leave you with a few of my favourite discoveries from this week:

This video by Jess Karp on her Alphabet Project

This is the most beautiful video I’ve seen in a while. Everything from her process, to the finished artwork, to the cinematography, the music and the editing. I loved every little detail of it. It has given me a new wave of inspiration which shows how being creative can be so energising!

New artist I discovered: Tahlia Stanton


I sometimes describe art as “Good Smelling”. And her art is exactly that. It’s bright, energetic and happy - and so is she btw 🙂

What I’m reading: Beyond The Wand by Tom Felton


As someone who had a huge crush on Tom Felton my entire childhood, this book is like finding gold and re-living the life of 13 year old Riddhi. It’s super interesting, easy to read and takes you back into the magical world you used to love as a kid.

That’s it for now, have a great week!



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