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Top 5 Stationery Items for 2023!

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Art Letter #3

Hey Friend!

A much happier and prettier letter today. I want to share with you my top 5 picks for the most beautiful stationery products that I have been using this year.

The Ink Bucket Planner

I’ve always been one to document and plan my day. This is the first year I’ve decided to use an official planner for my life. This lovely, very high quality, beautiful journal + planner is from the Ink Bucket. It has 250 GSM paper, and spreads for planning your month, week and each day. I’m absolutely LOVING it. Here’s where you can get it:

The Ink Bucket Notebooks

Another thing from the same brand. I always take notes by hand, and their dairies are to die for! 100 GSM thick paper, and a dream to write in. I have also been writing morning journal pages in these diaries, and I if you’ve fallen out of a habit of writing by hand, these are the notebooks you would want. Again, a few designs are available at:

Gel Highlighter

Because I take notes by hand, and prefer to read printed documents, I always have a highlighter in hand. But I am not fond of alcohol highlighters which bleed through the paper. These are gel-highlighters, much like crayons in beautiful colours made my Faber Castel. You can find them easily on Amazon. Just search for “Gel Highlighters”

Kaco Gel Pens

I bought these two sets of gel pens from this Japanese brand: Kaco. These are click pens, that write very smooth and uniformly. I got these in Blue and Black, and I would get other colours when they will be available. I got these from:

Colourful Flags

I always have multiple things always that I’m taking notes on, and it is very important for me to reference back to an older date. These flags are perfect! They’re sturdy and beautiful. For example, there is an orange flag in one of my older notebooks that opens up to a comprehensive packing list for a summer trip :) So I never have to make that list again. I got them from Amazon for very cheap!

Do you like these picks? Click below to share this post with your friends :) What are some of your favourite stationery items? I’d love to know so I can clutter my desk even more 😀



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