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Human - A watercolor story

Watercolor had always fascinated me, but I used to be scared of them. Watercolors truly have a mind of their own. They're really quite difficult to control, unless you make friends with them, and truly embrace them for their unique nature. The day I stopped trying to make them work like acrylics (who were already my friends), was the day I started creating beauty with watercolors. 

And so came about this series - "Human" - A set of monochromatic watercolor expressions, which were chosen to be displayed at the Fabriano Watercolor Festival in Italy in the summer of 2023.

Hands 5.jpg
Hands 3.jpg
Hands 2.jpg
Hands 4.jpg
Hands 1.jpg

Commission a Portrait

I also make portraits in the same monochromatic style. I've made several of my daughter's and my sister's children. It's an absolute joy to have a painting of someone you love, and I'd love to give you that gift as well.

Email me at to commission.

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