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Riddhi Malhotra Affordable art seascape

Hello! I'm Riddhi Malhotra. I love painting seascapes and people. While I've been drawing all my life, I've only started selling my art in the last three years.


Throughout my childhood, I was always surrounded by art (having a talented and artistic mom inspires me even today!) My mom has always been crafty and creative, which has somehow made it’s way into me as well. I remember that as a child, I was so fond of stationery and craft supplies that I dreamed of one day owning a stationery store. My parents tell me that I wasn’t a messy child, but everywhere I had been, they would find little cut pieces of paper left over from some craft that I was into.

While today I would describe my art as bright, colourful, vibrant, modern paintings, they weren’t always that colourful. My art journey began one day when I was 8 and my grandfather asked me to pick a book for him to buy for me, and I picked this book called, “Learn to draw Portraits”. By the next day, I was obsessed with that book! Drawing portraits seemed like magic, and I wanted to learn that magic! I taught myself to look at a face and see it not as a face, but as a combination of lights and darks, of shadows and highlights. I learnt how to draw realistically, and I was addicted to getting the likeness of someone on paper. For a long time, (longer than I should have), I kept working in black and white. I was scared of colours, and would avoid trying them out by hiding behind the pretext of “Oh black and white is my style”.


It took joining a local art class for me to try out colours. I was taught the basics of how to control acrylic paint, and what it is like working on a canvas. I became bolder after seeing how easy it was to try a new medium, and that’s when my passion for trying out new materials began. While my favourite medium remains acrylics, since then I’ve tried my hand at charcoal, Ink, Coloured pencils, Inktense, Pastels, Oils and even digital painting.


For me, what I love about making art is the process. I love getting immersed in the task of putting paint to the canvas. My art is about happiness and freedom. It is about beauty and abundance. I love vibrant colours and clean lines. My favourite thing to do is painting on larger canvases, but I also paint smaller pieces for tabletops and office desks. I love writing about my art journey on my blog. You can subscribe to my newsletter to get a monthly update on my art journey, interesting things I’ve come across, and new projects and collections I’m working on.


I would be happy to create something original (Portraits/Landscapes/Still life) for you. If you like my style and would like something completely unique, email me on

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