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5 Reasons you need to start painting in series

I've been painting for over 7 years now, and one thing I love doing is paint in series. I discovered this in 2020, when I started consciously painting in series, although I had been doing that for years without even realising it. You can read through my 2020 journey and the different series I painted - Click here.

What is a series, though?

A series is a group of art work tied together by a single thread. The single thread can be a colour, a subject, a theme, an idea, a medium or even a surface. It's one IDEA.

So the question is why?

1. It only takes thinking once

When you want to paint all the time, it gets very difficult to think of different subjects every day. When you paint in series, you only have to think of ONE idea that you can spread across many paintings. You can do more of painting, and less of deliberating :)

2. It makes you better

When you paint the same subject, or the same type of painting over and over, you get so good at it! Paint small, paint frequent and paint again - to master a subject.

3. It gives you a presentable body of work

When you have several pieces with one theme, your instagram looks way more interesting. Presenting series doesn't make your work look patchy and disjointed. They look like they belong together.

4. It multiplies your sales

When someone wants to buy your art, it is so easy to upsell another piece if they are of the same theme or subject. Instead of buying one seascape painting, people have bought several from me that go together as a set. When you paint in series, you can sell sets of two, sets of three, or even more.

5. It creates your artist brand

When you create in series, your art becomes unique and identifiable. People start associating your artist brand name with a particular style or look, and that helps build credibility as an artist. People know to come to you for something specific. Which is very important to be memorable as an artist.

So tell me, have you also been painting in series? If not, it's time to start doing that!

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