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Taking A Creative Break

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

I'm going to be a little real right now. Starting this year, and especially since the lockdown began, I have been painting almost every day, even if my day job and my life allowed just a few minutes each day. I've also been posting every day to Instagram. But posting doesn't come alone. It comes with constantly checking the phone for likes, messages, comments etc. After a while you start noticing what your audience likes to see. And you become more and more afraid of sharing something you know won't get as much engagement. It may reach a point where you stop creating what you want to, and start creating something that "works" on the platform. Quick small pieces, on brand with your style, with minimal experimentation. Because, you know, what if the experiment doesn't work? You won't have anything to share that day! You stop taking risks, and you continue doing what you know how to do, because you're afraid your audience is only there because they like a certain kind of art you make. You stick to it because - consistency. Right?

There was a time when my identity as an artist was - I buy new types of art supplies and experiment with them. Experimenting was LITERALLY a part of my self description! For months, maybe years though, I've only worked in one medium, and more of less one subject only. Because I know I'm good at it, and can hardly go wrong with it.

I notice that when I post something that's not blue or acrylic, I don't get as much engagement. That's just a fact. But I don't want to let that fact direct what I make. I now seem to have hit a wall with my ideas and abilities and I've decided the best thing I can do at the moment is to take a small break. I might still be making art, and experimenting with the hundreds of unused pieces of art supplies that I've gathered over the years, but I don't wanna feel the pressure of posting it. I wanna doodle in charcoal, make colored pencil portraits again, use watercolor without the pressure of it turning out perfect. Or maybe take a tiny break from art altogether! Who knows :)

So without rambling more, I'll see you in a bit - probably a few weeks. In those few weeks I would not be reachable through my Instagram DMs, but feel free to email me on and I will get back to you in no time. See you! :)

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