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Why I decorate my home with Ocean Paintings

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Let's ignore the fact that I LOVE painting oceans and beaches. Even if I weren't an artist, I believe I would surround myself with ocean paintings!

How much ocean is too much ocean? For me, the answer is that it's never enough! During this quarantine, I've been painting more than ever. And even now, the most of what I'm creating is ocean paintings. If you want to read about my experience of making art during a lockdown, you can read it here.

A few reasons why I love surrounding myself with ocean paintings:

  1. I love the energy cool colours bring into a room. There is a freshness and positivity that organically depletes in the churn of everyday life. It also keeps me connected to that feeling of freedom that I experience when I'm on vacation.

The paintings in the image are all originals, and available to buy here.

During this quarantine, I have surrounded my workspace with ocean paintings because it lets me balance out my mind perfectly. Lately, I've been painting these little desk buddies, which stand straight on a desk, without support and just bring in so much energy to the workspace.

This set of three desk buddies in the image here are all original acrylic paintings, available for purchase on my etsy shop.

Another huge reason why I have so many ocean paintings hanging in my home is that I love to create them! And maybe I love to create them because I love to look at them :) You see how this is a circular problem? It's really interesting for me to see my favourite colours dance on a canvas and take a shape that truly sparks joy in me. And, till the time my paintings find a home that they are welcomed into, they sit pretty on my own walls.

All of my original paintings, along with some high quality art prints are available in my Etsy store here.

In the comments, do let me know what you like to decorate your homes with? What kind of art do you like making and what kind of art do you like putting up on your walls? Is it the same?

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